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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Heart on Hold - WeWriWa - May 31, 2015

Welcome back as we continue on with the first chapter of A Heart on Hold, book one of my Everlasting Heart series. We are sitting beside the brook at dusk and Sanderson has just joined Charlotte as she sat on the green and white checked picnic blanket he brought for her as a gift from NYC.

With a cough, Sanderson shook his head. The fog that had enveloped them fizzled into the dusk. Tearing her gaze away from his chiseled profile, Charlotte cleared her throat. “Um, what was I saying?”

“Oh yes,” he started. “Perhaps I should have insisted you read Romeo and Juliet first. Apparently The Crusades aren’t the best choice in literary works, given the trouble our own country is in.” 

The giddy feeling subsided and was quickly replaced with disgust over the actions of those characters that filled the pages of The Crusades. “What I just flat don’t get is how those rich nobles, who were supposed to be so inherently smart to begin with−” Charlotte’s smile faded and she could feel herself flush over the absurdity of society’s leaders of yesteryear. The heated words flew off her tongue almost as quickly as they came into her head and she was powerless to stem their flow, despite her beau’s enchanting presence

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Heart on Hold . . . but how long can a heart hold on until it breaks? WeWriWa - 5/24/15

Welcome back! Now where did we leave off with Charlotte and Sanderson . . . oh yes, he was quite distracted by his love Charlotte, wasn't he?

The slight brush of Sanderson's skin against Charlotte's caused her heart to quicken. She pulled her legs up onto the bank and crossed her damp ankles. Something had bloomed somewhere in the surrounding hills because when the breeze shifted, the air became thick with a clean, lemony scent. Sanderson’s voice dropped to a whisper as he spoke, “and to think, that shopkeeper tried for a week to convince me you would like the red better, but I wouldn’t hear of it . . . has to be green, I said. Green, to match her magnificent eyes.” Charlotte turned her head slightly. Sanderson’s face was there, mere inches from hers. Time ground to a halt and it felt as though she had dunked her head underwater and needed to come up for air. Could this be it, our first kiss? 

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

WeWriWa - 5/17/15 - A Heart on Hold (An Everlasting Heart#1)

Welcome back! Here we go . . . back to the bank of a nameless river along the base of the Ouachita Mountains along about sundown just before the outbreak of the war between the states.

Her insides turned to mush and she felt as though she could live the rest of her life in this moment right here. A light bug buzzed her before landing on the picnic blanket. Charlotte gently shooed it off before trusting her voice. “Five years sure crept by,” she told the blanket. “I’m glad you’re back.” I was so worried that you would meet someone else. Someone prettier, someone good enough for you. Sanderson no longer appeared to be engaged in the conversation. “The shopkeeper managed to match the green in your eyes to the shade of green in this blanket perfectly,” he murmured, removing a lock of her almond colored hair from her eyelashes and tucking it behind her ear. 

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

WeWriWa - A Heart on Hold -May 10, 2015

Welcome back everyone and a happy Mother's day, one and all! Remember last week when Sanderson was accusing Charlotte of reading the books he lent her while he was away? Let's see if we can find out some more about this guy . . . :-)

Sanderson continued, obviously delighting in Charlotte's uncharacteristic shyness. “Maybe that’s why I always was after you to tutor me.” He drew the words out. 
A giggle, too high-pitched to be natural, escaped her lips. Charlotte, get a grip, it’s just Sanderson. Tossing her hair nonchalantly over her shoulder, she allowed herself a peek at her beau. His russet hair appeared to have grown out quite a bit since his last haircut, which had probably been back before his graduation from The United States Military Academy, and it was tousled lightly by the breeze coming off the Ouachita Mountains. Her insides turned to mush and she felt as though she could live the rest of her life in this moment right here. 

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

WeWriWa - 5/3/15 - A Heart on Hold

Welcome back to this week's eight sentences from my debut novel, A Heart on Hold. And guess what? All FOUR books are going to be available in one convenient set coming May 7th from 5 Prince Publishing! Watch for details on my author page!

 As he joined her on the blanket, she noticed that mischievous twinkle in his hazel eyes that she’d grown to love. His eyes looked more green than brown this evening, shining beautifully against the backdrop of his ruggedly handsome face. A sudden warmth flooded her veins, giving her a slight shiver. Resisting the urge to scoot closer to him, Charlotte drew in a shaky breath. “Reading helped pass the time while you were, well, gone.” Well, that sounded dumb. “You’ve always been good at it -- truth to right, I was always a bit jealous, what with you being the top reader in the class.” Charlotte felt heat creep into her cheeks since she had never taken compliments very well, and those coming from the perfect, full lips of Sanderson Redding made her especially self-conscious. 

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