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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Heart on Hold . . . but how long can a heart hold on until it breaks? WeWriWa - 5/24/15

Welcome back! Now where did we leave off with Charlotte and Sanderson . . . oh yes, he was quite distracted by his love Charlotte, wasn't he?

The slight brush of Sanderson's skin against Charlotte's caused her heart to quicken. She pulled her legs up onto the bank and crossed her damp ankles. Something had bloomed somewhere in the surrounding hills because when the breeze shifted, the air became thick with a clean, lemony scent. Sanderson’s voice dropped to a whisper as he spoke, “and to think, that shopkeeper tried for a week to convince me you would like the red better, but I wouldn’t hear of it . . . has to be green, I said. Green, to match her magnificent eyes.” Charlotte turned her head slightly. Sanderson’s face was there, mere inches from hers. Time ground to a halt and it felt as though she had dunked her head underwater and needed to come up for air. Could this be it, our first kiss? 

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  1. Right there...on the edge of everything changing. You've done a wonderful job of painting the scene. Great use of the senses. :-)

    1. Thank you, Teresa! The moments we live in, long for, and cling to when they've passed and the world becomes normal again :-)

  2. Love how you're building up the moment and the anticipation. Great snippet!

  3. Nice eight. I can see the scene and feel the anticipation...hope this continues next week.

  4. This is such a sweet scene here. Like how he knew the colors had to be "just so".