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Sunday, May 10, 2015

WeWriWa - A Heart on Hold -May 10, 2015

Welcome back everyone and a happy Mother's day, one and all! Remember last week when Sanderson was accusing Charlotte of reading the books he lent her while he was away? Let's see if we can find out some more about this guy . . . :-)

Sanderson continued, obviously delighting in Charlotte's uncharacteristic shyness. “Maybe that’s why I always was after you to tutor me.” He drew the words out. 
A giggle, too high-pitched to be natural, escaped her lips. Charlotte, get a grip, it’s just Sanderson. Tossing her hair nonchalantly over her shoulder, she allowed herself a peek at her beau. His russet hair appeared to have grown out quite a bit since his last haircut, which had probably been back before his graduation from The United States Military Academy, and it was tousled lightly by the breeze coming off the Ouachita Mountains. Her insides turned to mush and she felt as though she could live the rest of her life in this moment right here. 

Thank you for stopping by this week and spending some of your Mother's Day with Charlotte and Sanderson! Pop back next week to find out what happens next!

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  1. A very beautiful moment and I enjoyed all the details you gave us. Excellent excerpt!