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Sunday, July 26, 2015

WeWriWa - July 26, 2015 - Charlotte and Sanderson - A Heart on Hold

Welcome back to where we are working our way through Chapter One of A Heart on Hold, book one in the Everlasting Heart series. Last week, we left off with Sanderson and Charlotte reminiscing about the beginnings of their schoolyard romance and Sanderson had covered Charlotte's hand with his, taking her breath.

Charlotte focused on controlling her breathing. What is it about this man that makes my senses take leave and commence to operate on their own accord? “I sat under that tree a thousand times during your absence,” she whispered, careful not to move her fingers and shatter the tender moment. Please say that you didn’t share any experiences like this with any of those New York floozies. 

With his free hand, he gently guided her chin upward so that their eyes met. She felt every muscle in her body go flaccid as she waited for what would happen next. 

“Thank you for waiting for me.” His breath was warm on her face in contrast to the mountain chill that had begun to brush her cheeks. 

Thank you for stopping by to fall in love with Charlotte and Sanderson from the very beginning. 

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  1. A lovely moment and thank goodness he made no mention of any floozies!!! (I think he's a much better man than that - you've really made me like him through the snippets you've shared.)

  2. An interesting silence... it can be taken so very many ways. The way he seems to mean it is so much nicer than some might.

  3. Hmm, I notice he didn't answer her question about NY floozies.
    A very tender scene nonetheless, it nearly sizzles.