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Sunday, August 2, 2015

8/2/15 - Charlotte and Sanderson -- What does the future hold?

Welcome back! Let's continue right on with the romance in the meadow, shall we?

“I’m a fool for not doing this before.” His calloused hand stroked her cheek. The intense glimmer in his eyes reminded her of embers that smoldered deep within the charred heart of firewood, begging for a bit of tinder so they it might erupt into a full-blown flame. A foreign reaction gripped her insides, leaving knots where its fingers touched, causing her to feel queasy. And strangely vulnerable.
“I love you, Charlotte. You and only you.”

Without giving her time to respond, he hopped deftly to his feet, leaving her dizzy in his intoxicating wake. “It’s dark. Let’s get you home before George starts to worry.” 

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